Gotta change!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I should change my love for keys, cause he was very impossible to hold!
Even there are some moment that make me sure, make me felt that he will be my soulmate. I don't know why i should get to feel this?!
It's like a freaky freak!
In this situation, i hate being my self :'(
Now, i try to change the love into another, even there is nothing changed in my deepest heart. I love keys. I love keys. I love keys!!!!
I don't care if everybody thought i was crazy!!
Yep absolutely!
Nobody cares about me, rite?!
Nobody knows about my heart, rite?!
Nobody thinks that it is actually love, rite?!
Nobody believes me, rite?!
So why you should use mask to make me happy but in your heart, you think that i am only his biggest fan!
I don't care about your opinion.
In fact, i love him and nobody believes me.
In fact, i have no one besides me that believe me 100%, believe that feeling.
And i hate those fact!

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