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Monday, December 14, 2009

10 Favorites

*Favorite Season : winter and summer (lah belagu haha)
*Favorite Time : birthday maybe, hanging out with my friends, shopping, nonton ran or twentyfirst night and of course meeting you ;p
*Favorite Food :whatever except duren!!, salak, kerang :)
*Favorite Drink : AIR hehe, milkshake, yoghurt especially heavenly blush! Hihi sour sally sm jg suka sih tapi plg suka heavenly blush muahaha
*Favorite Ice Cream : Dairy Queen! And Haagen Dasz .
*Favorite Sport : jogging maybe
*Favorite Actor : robbert pattinson (jehahaha), reuben E. hadju , benjamin joshua, chicooooo! Hehe
*Favorite Actress : Videe hahaha ;p

9 Currents

Current Feeling : confused
Current drinking: strawberry lemon ice
Current Time : 22.16
Current Show on TV : BCL ;p ;p
Current Mobile use : blackberry 8900 aka javelin :)
Current Windows : windows xp
Current Underwear : gak inget
Current Clothes : kaos bali and short jeans
Current Thought : how to tell my mom ? Huh

8 Firsts

First Nickname : pidi and rira
First Kiss : cium pipi mama :) kalo first kiss yang boy, please don't laugh at me, i'll admit: NEVER :)
First Crush : yep
First Best Friend : lucky, temen tk sm sahabat cowok pertama yg sekarang gue gak tau kemana, i really miss you. I want to have boy bestfriend beside girl :)
First Job : backing vokal
First Toy : teddy bear
First Pet : rabbit dan baru punya pas kelas 2 sma and never again, takuuut tau hehe, so thai i really want to have tamagochiiiii :'(

7 Lasts

Last Drink : water
Last Kiss : mommy
Last Meal : ikan goyeeeng and chocochips ice cream
Last Web Site Visited : twitterku sayang hehe
Last Movie Watched : new moon sih kayaknya sama laras
Last Phone Call : pijjey sama dimas
Last TV show Watched : sinetron bcl haha

6 Have You Ever…

Have You Ever Broken the Law : law? No. But my mom's law? Yep hihi
Have You Ever Been Drunk : never
Have You Ever Kissed Someone/Something You Didn't Know : nope
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire : nope
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped : no
Have You Ever Broken Anyone's Heart : gak tau -,-
Have You Ever Been Broken Hearted : iya, sekarang juga masih -__-

5 Things

Things You Can Hear Right Now : twentyfirst night - our song and his voice record ;p
Things On Your Bed : bantal sapi sapi sapi
Things You Ate Today : chiky hehe
Things You Can't Live Without : my phone, money, my family, friends and keys ;p
Things You Do When You Are Bored : twitteran, baca novel or majalah, nyanyi haha

4 Places You Have Been Today : kampus, rumahku, warung, halte busway hehe

3 Things On Your Desk Right Now : hp, diary, novel, buku" .

2 Choices : hmm tell or not ya ? ;p

1 Place You Want To Visit : england!! :)

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