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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Today's quote:
"Nothing is worth more than smile, more than happiness." - Videe Adriany (Me)

Well, long time no long post, right? :p
Hello blogsbum! ;)
How's your day, dear?
I think i kinda suffered from 'big' heartbeating. Today's my result day for this semester. Are you about to ask about my result? Should i tell you? Are you really want to know? LOL :p
Hm, my 'ip' (it's called GPA or whatever it called) is getting higher about 0,02. Omg! too small! I know i should thank God. But i already expected for more. Like I've said in some of my posts, i did my best. I studied a lot. I didn't even watch tv when i read my books.

Well, at least, I'm getting better, rite? Can i have some prizes? Dad? Mom? Please.

Enjoy your day,

Videe ♥

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