Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello (again) blogsbum ;)
It's my second posts for today ;)
I randomly went to my favorite book stores (gramedia matraman). I spent 3 until 4 hours there :p
I stuck(ed) with HarryPotter's Boxset :'( huhu i want it so bad!!!!!!!
Let's collect some money! Huhu it's about 950K. Oh my, where can i get those money?
Boxset, please stay there! Don't go anywhere!!!!!
Actually, i already have almost all of them but it's not even enough. I want to have 'em! Huhu i MUST collect my money and LOOKING FOR another job! :'(
I desperately need money! :'(

By the way, i used my money for bought 3 books (look at the picture). 2 novels, 1 comic. I haven't read it. I'll review it in here later.

See yaaa ♥
Videe ♥

Ps: pray for me to get some money. I meant: much money! ;) thanks! :*

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