Harry Potter! Woohoo

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Watched Harry Potter And The Deathly of Hallows: Part 1 with anas at Monday.
It was a cool and awesome movie (as always).
Even, it has a thing that make this movie different with several series before.
This series have similarity-thingy with it books which is only oh my it's only a lil thing!!
Means: dibanding film film sebelumnya, seri yg kali ini nggak terlalu nyimpang dari seri di bukunya! Woohooo! ♥
Nggak terlalu banyak pemotongan bagian-bagian penting di ceritanya. Bahkan yah nggak gitu terasa-lah pemotongannya. Cool! I'll always your number one fan, HarryPotter! ♥


Videe ♥

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