A little too LUCKY!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Well, well!


I know i've won some giveaway in the past but nothing's been like this. I got a ticket to see my LOVE, DAY6 in Singapore. This man, people usually called him @lix_lee007 Ko Felix. I actually followed him after 2PM's concert that i watched last time. I thought he was a part of promotor team or sort of. But, i thought again, he could probably be an investor for their concert. Well, i still don't know who he really is. But i joined his giveaway and i won this time. I AM SO HAPPY. 

It's just i haven't watch GOT7 fanmeeting that i've bought the ticket this month yet i am already excited for another fanmeeting. DAY6 is love. DAY6 is great at music. For those of you who's reading this and think about "ah it's another kpop thing, i won't like it", trust me, they're different. They have a different standard. Whenever they cover a song, even it's the song that i don;t really like, i'll ended up like the song. They're great. I don't even know how to describe their music. Try to listen to it. Try it. 

And yes, i am going to Singapore this December! Yes! Thank you for choosing me and i am okay if you wanted to give me another DAY6 ticket in the future. LOL

Have a good night!

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