[Review #4] Jjang Noodle!

Saturday, November 14, 2015


So i just decided to fill out my blog with a little review from some places to eat good foods. It's because i just have no idea what to write in here, So, yeah, a little review won't hurt. As you guys all know, i looove korean foods. Well, actually i like kimchi even it sometimes taste weird. I like korean autentic kimchi so so much. I judge a korean restaurant by their kimchi. If it doesn't taste great, it's definitely not "autentic" and won't be in my top 5 restaurant. Lol.

So... me and my friends went to a korean resto, called Jjang Noodle. Their best seller menu is their Budae Jjigae, Actually budae jjigae has so many ingredients and it's so random. If you google it, it's firstly created after Korean war, when food was hard to find. So the army created soup with every leftover from US Army. That's why budae jjigae has so many random ingredients such as sausages, ham, noodles and also doesn't lack its korean taste by adding gochujang and kimchi (i think so).

This jjang noodle place doesn't disapoint me. They have a nice kimchiiiiiiii. I like their kimchi! Their budae jjigae soup was so nice. I kinda want those soup with my rice at home, lol. 
My instagram post: here

My instagram post: here

We also ordered their jjajangmyeon. It's a halal one because their sauce doesn't use pork, but chicken. It's so-so. Tbh, i haven't taste autentic jjajangmyeon. But their jjajangmyeon was not great either. But still, budae jjigae is my love. Great. Worth to visit. I kinda wanted to eat again when i typed this post. :))
My instagram post, here
My rate:
+ Kimchi is sooooo fresh! and their packaging is also cute. It was in a jar.
+ free refill drink!
+ budae jjigae, my new love.
- idk why it took us a bit long to wait for our budae jjigae while it will start cook on our own table.

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