Friday, July 29, 2011

WOOHHOOOO i just watched Harry Potter: The deathly hallows Part 2. Watching only one time can't be enough for me :p I'm harry Potter freak :p I'll watch it again :))
Well, it's not too different with its novel. So, i'm not disappointed at all. COOOOOOOL.  It's undescribably awesome. Even the saddest part of that film isn't as sad as at the book. I still cried at Snape's scene :"(. Snaaape, you're the best character in Harry Potter besides Dumbledore.

I think, there will be something missing from me then. Until this day, there's something that i keep waiting year by year. Yes, that's Harry Potter. I can say that i grew up together with them. I read them in book first til i definitely in love with everything in Harry Potter, even Voldemort :P And then i always wait for the newest book every year (when i was in school) and wait for the film til now. Now, it ends. *crying*

I feel like i know them. When i watched Harry Poter movies (not this series), i told my friend how the scene shud be (depends on the book). Well, i don't think that i wrote this post well. I can't describe it well. And i'm still a bit sad :))



Ps: I watched one of JK. Rowling's interview on youtube. She explained some stories that she didn't explain well on her book. She said that Voldemort was Bellatrix Lestrange's true love. Both of them are too crazy, i'm happy that they're not a lovely couple (?). Anyway, the young Tom Riddle was handsome. Well, i realize, she might be in love with Voldemort that time. Not now, when he lost his nose :))))))

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