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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Huh. I thought that i can't save my money to buy my self a mobile modem -_-
Why? Yeah this month, i have a lot of things that i should pay or buy.
First, a prize for my mommy's bday.
Second, i should prepare my money to grab ramen with my friend. I don't know how much i'll waste my money here. But i love ramen haha xp fave!
Third, my phone's connection or simple called it BIS BB on 14th. And i don't know where's i get this money.
Fourth, adings gigs. Yeah i have to prepare money for hanging out with my friend. It's just like 'long time no see' xp
Fifth, my trackball should be fixed. It's kinda hard to scroll down.
Sixth, mobile modem! Hahaha i don't think that i can buy myself this thing! Mom :'(

And the whole things are important for me. Help me, God. Give me money.
Or simple called it, i need simple job! :'(
Help me!
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