Saturday, September 17, 2011

Have you ever played Harvest Moon? That's one of my favorite games. I'm not a person that loves to sit calm in front of playstation. But if the games is cute, i'll be a happy gamer. (?)

Well, in harvest moon, we can act like a God. I mean, we can make our character to work hard in his Garden. We can make him work without take any rest. We can give him tools to help his work or sell his tools to anyone. Oh! And we can even choose housewife for him. Shortly, we can act like a God. In a game.

But, it's only in a game. In life, we can't act like God. We truly can't. Even we can choose what we want to do and make them happen. We just can be a leader for ourself. We can decide what thing that we want to work for.

Well, don't ever think that God leave us when we got something bad. God is always here, there and anywhere. Sometimes we just don't realize it. 'That something bad' doesn't come by itself. I personally believe that it comes from our past. So, don't do something bad if you don't want that something bad comes to you someday ;)

Ps: I don't know how i could write this topic. :P

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