Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hello blogsbum :")

it's such a loooooong long time no post :p
I feel sorry for that.

Well, i want to tell you something. Do you ever take a roller coster? I don't wanna tell you that i just did that ._. (i don't even brave :p)
But, i want to tell you how roller coster my life is!

6th of February, i, me, and my self, finally oh finally be a 'writer', a content writer. Even i didn't write short story but news. But, hey i'm so happy, i'm officially a writer right now. I could tell the world that i finally closer to my dreams :')
I work for a broker company as a content writer. I write breaking news. Ten articles or more everyday. Feeling so proud of me, tehee!
I love my office! <3

I work from 7am thru 4pm and go directly to college and homey at 11 pm. Tired? Yes. Happy? YES YES YES.
sometimes when i sit in front of my pc and write breaking news (i only watch cnbc ._.), i feel kinda cooool :p
And oh well, my english is getting so much better :p it's one of the effects from watching and writing news from english to indonesian. You have to keep your ears and eys on.

I think, i'll write another post soon!



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