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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hey people! :d
How's your life? I'm a bit busy to do some college thingy. I also had final exams last week. I'm hoping everyone cud have an interesting life. Because sometimes we may be bored with our daily activities. Tired of waiting something, tired of trying something, tired of doing your best?

I normally feel that too, sometimes :p

Take a break, have a simple vacation or hang out with your bestfriend may cure it.

I have some list to do when I'm bored:
1. Hang out with my friend
2. Buy some snacks (for me, it's gonna be ice cream :P)
3. YOUTUBE-ING! Lol! I love this one! I could browse anything i like. I love to do a simple concert in my bedroom by searching some of my idols's concert video :p (taylor swift, 2PM, 2AM, bruno mars, john mayer ♡)
4. Reading novels :D
5. Spending hours at bookstore :p
6. Calling my bestfriend. It can take hours to share your most random thought. It's gonna be fun.
Etc etc etc.

Or you can simply do anything that will make you happy ;)


Videe ♥

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