Sunday, August 22, 2010

In this time, I'm going to tell you the truth guys. I'm gonna be honest for this one. This is my unimportant confession..
And you'll see how unimportant it is for ya, but for me, it's different ;)

Since i was in the junior high school, i wanted to do this. I was so excited to grab this one at some courses. But, yeah i haven't talk too much with my parents. I just asked for this only several time. And may be, they didn't remember that i have ask for this one..

You know what, this one is my dream that i try to hide from anyone in my life. You'll never guess it what, why or how. Taking that course is still one-of-my-biggest-dream that everyone arround me doesn't know..
What's that?
Like I've said before, 'i try to hide from anyone in my life' ;)
Even i want you guys or at least my parents know it without telling them. Cause i want they know me well without asking me.

No. Comment. Please. xoxo
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