Sunday, May 09, 2010

Hello blogsbum ;)
I just in love with my saturday! Haha full of laugh. Yaaaah gue emang suka ketawa tapi bukan berarti gue gila haha xp xp
My computer group: me, retta, nopi, septi and rahma decide to go to anas's at saturday! Yeah. Working on my group task and also having fun! Haha
Since we arrived at the station, we already had so much fun untiiiiiil we are separated when 'go home time' arrived.
Crazzines make us laugh over and over haha. It's so fuuun!!

When i arrived at my home. I do prepare myself to go to gading. Yeah hm tepatnya, gue nyusulin haha. Craving for foods! Hehe

Hm actually i want to write everything about my saturday but i think my thumbs will be..... ;p

I wish you had a wonderful saturday ;)

Videe ♥♥
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