I can't wait any longer

Friday, May 07, 2010

Hey blogsbum ;)
Uh I'm still in love with biyu! Haha
It looks like hmm it's not yet completed -_- yeah I'm still waiting for my 'mobile modem' :'(
I miss do my blog thigy in front of my notebook. I miss uploaded picture in my blog. I miss do some re-arrange my blog. I miss you *lah curcol* hahaha :p
My mom tell me that she will buy me that things but (again) i should wait. Patient. Uh i think, i can't wait any longer. I can't. Or may be i don't want.
Since, i just post from my cute phone, i'll tell you only story. Without picture aw-kay ;)
But hmmm sometimes i think, i should post picture, yeah even only 1 or two ;)
Thanks for reading.


Videe xoxo ♥
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